Dunhuang – Masterpiece in Guzheng



It is communally accepted among professional guzheng performers and casual guzheng lovers that Shanghai "Dunhuang" and Xian "Zhuque" share the excellent reputation of manufacturing extraordinary Guzheng instruments between the southern and northern regions.


"Dunhuang" guzheng is one of the major production lines from the Shanghai National Instruments First Branch Plant. From its annual production of 5 guzhengs in the 1960s, to the annual production of 3 millions now-a-days, Dunhuang guzheng has accomplished an amazing advancement. Over the years, with the continuous developments and technological revolutions, experts in Dunhuang guzheng have pioneered at least 80 innovations to the details of the instrument, and have acquired nearly 20 nationally acclaimed patents. From the exquisite selection of raw materials, to the delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship, Dunhuang guzheng can easily be appraised as a masterpiece of art as well as instrument.


With its crisp and clear treble, full and residing alto, and rich and resonating bass, Dunhuang guzhengs not only exhibit extraordinary acoustics in their instruments, they also maintain a well balanced and stable music tones between each musical zone.


Unlike other ordinary zither manufacturers, the body in each Dunhuang guzheng is crafted from a single piece of raw wood, granting the instrument with a much longer endurance when compared with others that were glued together from multiple smaller pieces of wood.


With its exclusive technology, advanced craftsmanship, exquisite fine quality, distinctive acoustic quality, and elegant high-tech production process, Dunhuang guzheng has acquired a notable acknowledgment from esteem music professors, recognized performers, and a variety award-winning guzheng players. For decades, not only has "Dunhuang" asserted its leadership within the guzheng production community, it has also achieved its ( solid ) reputation worldwide.


Advancements in "Dunhuang" guzheng as opposed to other brands:


The strings used in all "Dunhuang" guzhengs are steel strings imported from Germany, resulting in a steadier and stronger control when playing. Unlike other brands, these strings also provide the instrument with a clearer, smoother, and longer resonating tones.


In order to ensure its optimal sound quality, each bridge in "Dunhuang" guzheng is crafted with a single piece of mahogany. Unlike other brands, the base of the bridges in "Dunhuang" guzhengs is comparably wider so it will neither collapse easily nor result in dissonant tune.


The top surface soundboard in each "Dunhuang" guzheng is handed-roasted to perfection. Not only does it retain the clear wood grain of each piece, it also enhances the sound transmission, creates a better resonance effect, and provides more stable support to the movable bridges.


While other brands are still using the old fashioned string fittings, all string fittings in "Dunhuang" guzhengs are constructed by utilizing the pioneer nylon-fusing technology. This technology not only does not affect the appearance of the instrument it also prevents the panel from cracking with fallen string fittings.)


Instead of being laid directly on the inside of the soundboard, the thick strings, from the 16th string and above, all trek through an auxiliary opposing beam built within the ending part of all "Dunhuang" guzhengs, offering extra support as well as prohibiting cracking of the soundboard. Since other brands do not have this opposing beam installed, the surfaces of instruments are easy to crack or deform.


"Dunhuang" brand Zheng polished inside cover, and using the piano hinge, nice and clean with no internal noise. Other brands use ordinary hinge and looks rough.


The bottom surface boards of all "Dunhuang" guzhengs are also constructed with highly finished and polished paulownia.


All "Dunhuang" guzhengs come with their own protective carrying case. As opposed to single sided synthetic leather-cloth material in other brands, each case in "Dunhuang" guzheng is constructed from Oxford cloth inlaid with a thick layer of sponge, providing the instrument with extra support and protection during transport.


The list above only represents few of the many distinctive features in "Dunhuang" guzhengs. Overall, with its innovative and unique technology, and brilliant achievements , all "Dunhuang" guzhengs are greatly cherished and appreciated by guzheng lovers worldwide.


All wooden instruments require a certain temperature and humidity. It is not suitable to place any wooden instruments where it is too dry or too hot. Each instrument also has its own specific maintenance requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 301-610-6592 if you have any questions regarding guzheng purchase, repair, and maintenance, as well as any online fraudulent and imitation "Dunhuang" products.



敦煌古筝 艺术精品








1. "敦煌"牌古筝琴弦使用德国进口钢丝,手感强,音质清晰、柔和。其它品牌的古筝音色沉闷,余音短。

3. "敦煌"牌古筝面板经过手工烘烤,木纹清晰,有利传导声音,共鸣效果好,且稳定琴码。

4. "敦煌"牌古筝的穿弦孔使用尼龙胶合,不会因弦眼的脱落而造成贴面板的开裂。而其它品牌的古筝使用的还是老式的铝鞋眼,易脱落,影响美观且容易造成面板开裂。

5. "敦煌"牌古筝琴框尾部内部设有防变形横挡,16弦以上的琴弦穿过此横档,从而保证弦的力量吃在横档上而非琴体上,以此防止琴体变形。而其它品牌的古筝没有此横档。

6. "敦煌"牌古筝琴盖内部打磨抛光,且使用钢琴铰链,使内部美观整洁且无杂音。

7. "敦煌"牌古筝底板也用打磨抛光的泡桐。

8. "敦煌"牌古筝使用牛津布,内用加厚海绵。而其它品牌的古筝只有单面的人造革布袋。











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